Taffy for the Win!

Now I’m not talking about laffy taffy, but I am talking about Taffy Activewear! Their awesome slogan is “Stylish Activewear for Women with Curves”! Just fabulous!

Now, being an ambassador for Taffy, I have my review of my outfit!


Here is the full outfit without the jacket. I felt super cute and they are sooooooooo comfortable! Not gonna lie, I sometimes, okay a lot of times, wear these even on my non-working days.


Here’s the jacket version of the full put fit! I absolutely love it! It’s great over an extra sweatshirt or alone. Super comfy! The sleeves we’re a little long on me; however, most long-sleeved anything the sleeves ate too long.


Okay, let’s talk about the tank top! The material is soft and breathable. I’m a super sweaty workout person and this withstood it all! It was great and the first shirt I’ve found that I didn’t feel entirely gross in after a workout.


Now the Capri’s rocked. The only issue I had with them were that I found I needed to watch what underwear I wore with them. Panty lines weren’t much of an issue either way, but if you try to do the cute underwear thing underneath, avoid the lacey ones. Makes the capri pant’s slip and slide down a little on your butt. Otherwise, all was well. I even tried going commando, which surprisingly wasn’t that bad. However, still took some getting used too.

Overall, this outfit was absolutely fantastic! Definitely made me want to move in them. Plus go to Taffy Activewear and get your plus size, curvaceous workout gear with a 15% discount! Just use coupon code STEPH15!

Remember to have Healthy Confidence!


Please note that these are my opinions, and mine alone. I was given the outfit by Taffy, buy I chose to do a review of it!


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